The best way to receive the benefits of CBD is when our amazing, full spectrum CBD oil is absorbed sublingually or under the tongue. Gum is a natural solution to deliver 10mg into your blood stream and it tastes great and the flavor is long lasting. When you chew the gum, the particles in the product break off into your saliva and you absorb the CBD.
Studies indicate that when you take CBD by mouth it is delivered 5x faster. When you chew your CBD, the cannabinoids are released into your mouth and into your system. Not only does this gum explode with minty flavor but the act of chewing actually increases some of the benefits of CBD. One study found that chewing gum increased alertness by 10%. It also indicated improvements on mood, learning, memory and performance on intelligent tests. Who knew?

Benefits of CBD gum: • Easy to use discreetly • Easy to take • Fast acting • Effective • Delicious

Our CBD gum offers a healthy alternative that is great on the go when you need it. Each piece of gum contains our full spectrum CBD oil that is helping people on a daily basis. It contains 10mg of CBD extracted from the whole plant using our proprietary Co2 extraction method. Our experts suggest chewing one piece per day or as needed. Here are some suggestions.

Chew on your way to work to eliminate coffee breath and to receive your daily dose of CBD.

Chew an hour before bed to help you get a good night sleep.

Chew after working out to help your body recover.

Chew during a stressful meeting or event.

Chew to help you relax.

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