I am proud to say I am CBD BioCare’s very first sales representative! I decided to sell the products because I love using them myself. My first was the Collagen Retinol anti-aging cream. I could not believe how well it worked. After using it for just two weeks, I began getting compliments and I realized the only thing that changed was my face cream. I became addicted and starting calling it my face crack. The name stuck and I began selling “face crack” to my clients at my nail salon as well. It has been a huge hit. I also started using the CBD oil which is equally amazing and it helps me with anxiety, sleep and  pain! My husband says “It calms my mind so that I can sleep. I take it in the morning as well before going to work. It helps me get through the stressful day!”  I now carry the entire line at my salon. My clients LOVE the products.  I hope you try it for yourself. If I can help answer questions please call, text or email me. You can buy products here online or from me at the salon. My contact information is listed on the contact page.
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