What’s In Your CBD Oil?

I have been noticing lately a LOT of CBD companies popping up. In one respect that is awesome! It means that more and more people are learning about CBD and what it could do for them. On the other hand, it means that you, the consumer, need to be extra careful when buying CBD oil. 

Are you buying a full spectrum CBD oil? A CBD isolate? Is it actually CBD oil or just hemp seed oil? What are the “other” ingredients in the bottle? Where was the hemp grown? Where was it manufactured? Is the oil tested by an independent 3rd party lab? Why does this matter? 

First let’s look at why a full spectrum CBD oil is the best. Full spectrum means that the oil is extracted from the whole hemp plant. Not just the leaves, not just the stalk, not just the flowers, but the WHOLE plant. This means that you get the medicinal benefits that the whole plant has to offer. Cannabis has over 100 active cannabinoids aside from CBD. Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system that connects with these cannabinoids. This is a big part of why hemp and cannabis are becoming more well know for their healing abilities. It just makes sense that if you have all of those cannabinoids present your CBD oil is going to work better. 

The CBD industry is largely unregulated so therefore you need to do your research on where it came from. Was it grown in the USA? Manufactured in an FDA approved facility? Is it grown organically? What other ingredients are they putting in the oil? Is there a COA (Certificate of Analysis) readily available for you to read? 

Let’s talk about what else is in the CBD oil you’re using. CBD must have a carrier oil so it can be absorbed properly. What is that carrier oil? Is it hemp seed oil? Coconut oil? Sunflower oil? Olive oil? It just makes sense that the best carrier oil would be hemp seed oil. Why mess with a good thing right? What are the other ingredients? I have seen a lot of oils out there that actually have sucralose in them! What? Why would you ruin a great product by putting a chemical sweetener in there? In my opinion, the more ingredients in a product, the more likely it is that you’re getting things you don’t necessarily want or need. 

New Moon CBD has partnered with CBD BioCare to bring you the highest quality CBD on the market today. CBD BioCare regular flavor CBD oil has just 2 ingredients, full spectrum CBD oil and hemp seed oil. The peppermint flavor has 3, full spectrum CBD oil, hemp seed oil and natural peppermint extract.


For our purposes we are going to explain how to buy CBD oil because consumers are being misled or they do not understand the difference before they buy and then they are often unhappy with the results. Why are they unhappy? Were they looking for CBD and they bought a product that was labeled hemp oil and it was really hemp seed oil? If they were hoping for pain relief it is simply not going to happen with hemp seed oil. But the retailer can call it whatever they want, so this is why it is so important to know what you are buying. What the retailer can not mess with are the ingredients. But as you may be finding out, reading the ingredient list can be tricky. By law it has to state what is in the bottle. But this too is somewhat of a grey area.


This is CBD BioCare’s 750mg CBD oil ingredient list. You may think it would read, CBD or cannabidiol, but that is not the whole story. It has 30 mg of phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil, (PCR). This means it has 30 mg of high CBD hemp oil per serving that is extracted from the whole plant and it contains all cannabinoids within that plant. Of that 30 mg of full spectrum oil, 25% is pure CBD. This is the best case scenario because you have all of the cannabinoids working together. If you have an oil with 99% CBD isolate it would be less effective.  In addition, they mix their  full spectrum CBD oils with hemp seed oil resulting in a 100% hemp plant product. In addition, the omega fatty acids in the hemp seed help with the absorption of cannabinoids in your system.

CBD BioCare’s hemp is grown in Kentucky at one of the only federally registered facilities in the United States and manufactured at a facility in Miami, FL. Their manufacturer is registered as a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).  CBD BioCare tests their full spectrum CBD oil from plant to product. It is tested at the farm, during extraction, when it arrives at the manufacturing facility and once again when it arrives at CBD BioCare.  Scan here to see their COA. 

New Moon CBD has done the research for you, but please, do your own. Know what you’re buying.